The Torre de Refoios (Refoios Tower) is located in Ponte de Lima, in the valley of the beautiful village of Refoios. Refoios Tower recalls the legends and romanticism of almost a thousand years of history.

The delightful view from the top of this 12th century Tower shows a medieval scenery surrounded by beautiful, tranquil and unspoiled countryside.

Next to the Tower, feel the comfortable ambience of the self-catering cottages prepared to receive guests.


Enjoy the pleasure of nature, have a swim or simply stroll through the countryside.
Take a break. The coast, river and mountains of Peneda Gerês are only a few kilometres away.

Visit the Manor Houses and learn about the intriguing family histories and local customs.

Come and enjoy the friendliness of the local people and delight yourself over the delectable local gastronomy and wine.