The People say that the youngest of seven daughters must go to live in the mountains and become a wolves' keeper (in Portuguese known as "pieira de lobos"). The wolves will learn to love and respect her...
Legend has it that the first owner of the Tower, Don Alfonso Ancemondes, the bravest of all the local noblemen, was also the most handsome and fascinated all the damsels.


One day when hunting for bears and upon leaving the Labruja Mountain, Ancemondes saw a wolf. He took aim and hit it between the eyes with an arrow.
The animal, wounded, quickly ran away and disappeared between two rocks. Hot in pursuit the nobleman collided with the rocks and fell to the ground unconscious.

When Ancemondes recovered his senses he was in a cave decorated with tree trunks with a small fire warming two old wolves. At their side a damsel covered with hart skins was caressing the wounded wolf. She thought the gentleman was her twin soul and that he was there to release her from her sad fate, upon her for seven years. She asked him whether he was her saviour.


Filled with evil thoughts the hunter thought he was falling victim to a trap laid down by an ambitious wolves' keeper. He believed she was trying to conquer the heart of a romantic nobleman attracted by marvellous deeds and called her an impostor. She would talk like that, he told her, if the situation were the other way around.


Suddenly a strange beauty overcame the young lady's face in a combination of the angelic with the demonic, at the same time both royal and savage-like, surprising Ancemondes completely. She then said that she wouldn't tell him who she was, only that her fate could only be broken by the sincere love of a loyal nobleman. Ancemondes listened and realised that he had turned his back on a happiness unknown to any mortal before him, and thus fell to his knees begging forgiveness.

Nobody knows what happened next. People say that Don Ancemondes disappeared after donating all of his belongings to the Church... Having missed the opportunity to be joined with his soul mate and imprisoned by his love, his doomed soul still roams the mountain range for seven nights every year; in penitence; no-one knows for how long he must endure this fate; maybe a thousand years to come, maybe even more ...